About Me

I'm eight years old now! I love to sing and I do Irish dance, it's a great challenge and fun. I've even won some awards.


Mommy homeschools me so I have a lot of time to play with my little brother Steven. We do a variety of fun things together . . . travel, museums and outdoor activities.

About Mommy

Mommey likes graphics and photos, but mostly photos of me! I pose for her but usually only for a half a second until I see something else fun to do.


She's trying to teach me German and I'm pretending to learn. Ich Liebe Dich goes a long way with her. We just went to an Oktoberfest in San Francisco . . . what fun! I polka danced and Irish danced! Mom's really good at polka dance too.

About Daddy

  • He likes looking at the green and red blinking lights on his fancy computer screen. I think he's trading stocks for clients or something like that. He also does other things for work.

  • For fun he flies a kite in the ocean on a little surfboard. It looks funny. He surfs too and tries not to get stung by stingrays.

  • He loves reading to me, teaching me math, and playing with me.